Gift and GRIND: The Ultimate Gift Guide for Home Gym Warriors

Gift and GRIND: The Ultimate Gift Guide for Home Gym Warriors

Wondering what you should gift your home gym warrior this holiday season? We have the answers with this gift guide collection!

Stocking Stuffers ($1-$50)


You're not just gifting a tee; you're delivering comfort, style, and the promise that it won't turn into a shrunken, boxy mess after one wash. The GRIND Fitness Logo Tee is the answer to those muscle-hugging dreams, made with a soft blend of 60% Combed ring-spun Cotton and 40% Polyester. Plus, it's side-seamed for that extra touch of making you look good.

Dip Handles

Introducing the Alpha3000 or Chaos4000 Dip Handles, your fitness buddy for all those tricep dips and ab crunches. What's more? These j-cup style handles bring versatility to your workouts with 350lb weight capacity. You can go low for incline pushups or inverted rows or aim high for those neutral grip pull-ups. It's like a one-stop-shop for fitness options!

Weight Peg Pair

Need to keep your weights organized and easily accessible? The GRIND Weight Peg Pair is your solution! They can be mounted on either the Chaos4000 or your walls, giving you the freedom to choose. With a peg weight limit of 375lb per peg, you can trust these durable pegs to hold your weight securely. Say goodbye to weight chaos!

Gripper Collars

Your barbells deserve the best, and that's where the GRIND Gripper Collars come in. Made from sturdy aluminum with a rubber grip, these collars ensure your workout is safe and comfortable. Keep those weights in place, so you can focus on conquering your fitness goals with style!

Gift Card

Can't decide? Let them choose for themselves! The GRIND Gift Card is the ideal gift for those moments when you want to share a love of fitness but aren't quite sure what they need. It's a gift that guarantees smiles every time.

Gifts Under $100

Spotter Arms

Spotter Arms for the Alpha1000 rack are here to be your workout guardian angels. With added rubber protection for your bar, these adjustable arms are perfect for benching and squatting up to 500lbs. They're like having an extra set of helping hands, without all the backseat lifting advice.

GRIND Pulley Systems

GRIND Pulley System (1”)

Dial up the fun and variation in your workouts with the GRIND 1" Pulley System. This nifty contraption can handle both 1" standard plates and 2" Olympic weight plates and has a 200lb weight capacity. Attach it to any GRIND rack, and you've got yourself a versatile training partner. With a straight bar and rope attachment, you'll never be bored with your workouts again.

GRIND Pulley System (2”)

For those who crave variety, the GRIND Pulley System (2”) is the way to go. This pulley system has an amazing 600lb weight capacity! Compatible with all GRIND rack pull-up bars and designed to fit Olympic 2" weight plates, this system comes with a 20" knurled straight bar for all your push-down exercises. Versatility has a new name!

Gifts Under $200

EZ Curl Bar

Ready for some arm-tastic workouts? The GRIND EZ Curl Bar is your new best friend. Its curved design allows for a variety of grips, perfect for all your bicep and tricep exercises. This bar has a 300lb weight capacity and has a sleeve length of 6 ¼" for you to stack up those plates. Grab one, match it with our Plates, and pump up those arms!

Adjustable Dumbbell

Dumbbells are great, but what if you could have a whole set with just one? Enter the GRIND Adjustable Dumbbell with 16 weight adjustments, ranging from 5lb to 45lb. You can easily switch weights with a twist of the handle while it's on the stand. Versatile, convenient, and fun!

Plyo Box

The Grind Plush Plyo-Box is your ultimate workout buddy for box jumps, squats, and more. It's not your average lightweight foam plyo. With its 30lb weight and added stability, you won't have to worry about it tipping over. Plus, it's built to withstand the sweatiest of workouts safely, thanks to its sweat-proof grippy vinyl shell and ultra density outer foam.

Now, get ready to make fitness gifting a breeze with these awesome options. From stocking stuffers to gifts under $200, we've got your fitness-loving friends and family covered. It's time to wrap up fitness in style! Happy gifting!

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