GRIND Chaos4000 Half Rack

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If you’re looking to build your home gym with the ultimate rack, this is it.  

The Chaos4000 was built to give you the best gym setup possible. Built-in plate post in the back and safety spotter arms in the front gives you the ability to accomplish your toughest workouts. Rubber lined J-cups, numbered uprights, and durable powder coat makes every lift possible. Don’t forget the multi-grip bar to challenge yourself every day.

This is the rack that can handle anything and everything you throw at it, but it doesn’t work unless you GRIND.

Rack Specifications:

  • Dimensions: 85" Tall x 53" Deep x 51" Wide (69" wide including weight storages) 
  • 14 Gauge Steel
  • 3"x2" Numbered Uprights
  • Textured Multi-Grip Bar 
  • Rubber Padded J-Cups (1,000LB Capacity)
  • Spotter Arms Included
  • 6 Weight Storage Pegs
  • 1 Vertical Barbell Holder
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      United States

      Great for Garage

      Overall this rack is great- especially for the price. It arrived fast (hey- free shipping!), and my wife and I assembled it in about an hour. It looks great and fits well in our garage. My only two complaints- 1) pull up rings are too wide to use properly if you are under 6’ tall. So we will have to figure something else out. I wish they designed this with just a straight bar across. 2) The spotter arms that come have no rubber padding (the j cups do). So when you use it, your bar will scrape the paint off the arms, and the arms will scratch up your bar. I see that for one of their other rigs, they sell spotter arms with rubber. I wish that was an available option for this rig. But overall, it’s a solid rig that has a lot of versatility and a reasonable footprint- especially for the price.

      Everett S.
      United States United States

      Decent bang for the buck

      There are several pros and cons to purchasing the Chaos 4000. A few of them could be addressed by the Company to improve the product so hopefully they read reviews. CONS: shipping - Receiving this rack was a nightmare and worst online delivery experience ever. in short, GRIND had to send one of the boxes 4 separates times and I finally had to just pick it up from Fedex since it was just sitting around for a week at their warehouse. Only one of the shipping matters was really GRINDS error since they sent the wrong box in one of the instances, but otherwise I believe they could greatly improve their shipping experience by partnering with a different carrier - FEDEX is a joke and I was continuously baffled by their ability to fail. it took 5 weeks before I actually had the rack at my home. Width of the rack - I haven't fully researched the dimensions but it seems this rack is wider than most commercial racks you would be accustomed to at your local gym. When you rack a standard sized Olympic bar there may be an inch of leeway on both sides. this requires much more aim and control when re-racking which is annoying since we all know its nice to have some margin of error when totally gassed out on a set. I'm not sure if there is a fix by changing up the J-hooks or another alteration but it would seem the logical design solution would just be to change the dimensions to narrow the rack by like 2 inches - I don't see any benefit of this "extra" space. Pull up bar - the placement of the outer U shaped grips are not great. The design would be improved by just having a flat or lat-pulldown style shaped bar that protrudes from the top cross beam. Its not a deal breaker but just a slight shame since at one point there was a design choice and it this was the sub-par one. Spotter arms - Its great this package includes spotter arms! however these arms are not coated in any rubber/plastic (its just a steel face). I placed my bar in these arms and they immediately scratched each other's paint off. I did a makeshift fix by duct taping some strips of rubber material I had around the house to the surface. I feel like for $2 of raw materials these arms could be greatly improved. PROS VALUE - if you are price sensitive and looking for the best bang for the buck, despite the issues noted above, this rack is still a good choice. There are not that many value priced half racks and to get these same features from other brands would run from $800-$1400 easy. that said, if you have some extra cash and will use this 4-5 times a week then maybe its worth the price of another rack so you can carelessly slam your weight into the rack and not worry about the rack width issue noted above. its a shame since all cons noted above could be fixed at almost no cost to the Company which would strengthen their value proposition. Customer service - As noted above, I had several issues actually receiving my rack and probably had to email GRIND 16+ times. Overall they were responsive and understanding. Also a shame since they probably wouldn't have to field so many emails if they changed carriers. Quality - I've only had a few workout session to date but I am confident this rack is solid. This thing will not be swaying, squeaking, or moving on you. OVERALL - If money has a very heavy weight on your decision then sure, go for it! Otherwise, I'm disappointed in the ease of racking (the main point of the rack) and since shipping was so terrible ill have to give this rack 3 stars. Hopefully GRIND can improve the design and then I have no doubt this would be a 5 star rack with no need for the lengthy pros/cons list.

      andrew a.
      United States United States

      Sturdy and arrived quickly, Great customer service

      The chaos 4000 half rack is very sturdy and was easy to put together. The instructions were clear and took me and my wife about 1.5 hours to put it all together. Everything looks to be of high quality and I have no worries about loading this rack up with hundreds of pounds. (A couple pieces arrived damaged due to lack of care by the shipping company but customer service replied quickly and replacement pieces were shipped and received within days.) Very happy with the rack and would recommend it to anyone that has space for it in their home.

      Adam M.
      United States United States

      Happy Owner, Fantastic Product

      Really happy and excited to have finally set up my home gym built by GRIND. The quality of their products is amazing and they offer the best prices around. I would hands down recommend GRIND to anyone looking to set up a personal fitness space, and will absolutely purchase from them again in the future. Shipping was fast and customer service was helpful and responsive. Thanks for all your help! GRIND Chaos4000 Half Rack Review
      John L.
      United States United States


      Whens my other box coming? Kinda bummed its taking so long…