GRIND Adjustable Kettlebell $169.99
The GRIND Adjustable Kettlebell is the perfect addition to any home gym. Adjustable weight from 20lb to 40lb in five pound increments makes it great for beginners and experienced lifters alike. Steel construction ensures lasting durability, and the ergonomic design makes it comfortable to lift and maneuver. Press and lock the kettlebell to the weight you want and start swingin'!
GRIND Cast Iron Kettlebells from $44.99
Cast Iron Kettlebells are coated in a black powder coat with embossed KG and LB weight marks. Each weight is marked with a different color. These are a great addition to your home gym for many different lifts including swings, presses, rows and squat variations. Gray - 6KG/13LB Pink - 8KG/18LB Red - 12KG/26LB Blue - 16KG/35LB Yellow - 24KG/53LB
GRIND Adjustable Dumbbell $169.99
A full weight set with just one dumbbell! The GRIND Adjustable Dumbbell has 16 adjustments from 5lb/2.3kg to 45lb/20kg. Twist the handle when on the stand to easily change your weight selection. Specifications: Sold in Singles 16 Weight Adjustments 5lb - 45lb
Rubber Hex Dumbbells from $20.00 $1,204.90
Six-sided and rubber coated, GRIND Rubber Hex Dumbbells will have low impact on your floor and won't roll around once you set them down. These have a slightly arched and knurled handle for a great grip during exercises. A must have for every gym!  SOLD IN PAIRS 5lb -50lb Set may have some pairs out of stock, remaining pairs will be sent to the customer once they are received.
GRIND Medicine Balls from $39.99
These GRIND Medicine Balls are perfect to help improve overall strength and conditioning. Their bold colors make them easy to identify and their durable construction make them long-lasting. With GRIND Medicine Balls, add more intensity and variety to your workout routines! Available in weights of 10lbs, 15lbs, 20lbs, and 25lbs.
GRIND Dual-Grip Medicine Balls from $49.99
Experience a new level of fitness with GRIND Dual-Grip Medicine Balls! Their black, modern finish plus dual-grip handles make your workout more powerful, as you rotate for maximum strength-building. Stylish and durable, these med balls are perfect for any fitness enthusiast. Available in 10lb and 20lb. 
Slam Balls from $29.99
Do ball throws and slams to build explosive power using these Slam Balls. Additional moves to get the most out of these multi-functional balls are twists, weighted crunches (work those abs!), and weighted leg raises.
Soft Wall Balls from $44.99
These Wall Balls are similar to medicine balls, but are bigger and softer to throw and catch. Made of durable black PVC leather and are 14" in diameter. Great for core exercises and standard wall ball throws.

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