This or That: Alpha3000 Full VS Chaos4000 Half

This or That: Alpha3000 Full VS Chaos4000 Half

So you’ve been thinking of building a home gym, but don’t know where to start? That’s where GRIND Fitness comes in! Without breaking the budget, GRIND offers quality racks and strength equipment that can give you the gym you’ve dreamed of.

Every great home gym starts with a rack as a base. If you’re looking for a rack that can handle some serious lifts, GRIND has you covered! The Alpha3000 Full Cage and Chaos4000 Half-Rack are both highly rated, heavy duty racks to start your home gym with. Both are under $600, meaning you can make it work within a budget!

How are the Alpha3000 and Chaos4000 Similar?

Bench pressing with spotter

These two racks, though very different, have some similarities! Both come with different, textured, multi-grip pull-up bars to switch up your routine. The two racks both come with a pair of rubber coated J-Cups that have 1,000 lb capacity. Plus, you can purchase additional J-Cups for either rack! Is storage an important feature for you? Both the Alpha3000 and Chaos4000 offer additional plate-storage options, resistance-band storage, and barbell-storage attachments to keep your floor clear and clean! Adjustable spotter arms are also included for both of these racks, giving you the ability to get a heavy lift session in by yourself.

Alpha3000 Breakdown

The Alpha3000 is the only full cage squat rack offered on GRIND. You might be thinking, what can a full cage rack offer that a half-rack doesn’t? Let’s get into it!

bench pressing

A full cage squat rack means your rack has four uprights with bars on the top connecting them. How does this benefit you? Having four posts offers you more stability with all your lifts, giving you peace of mind when lifting by yourself! If you’re consistently lifting heavy and need spotters frequently, this rack is fully capable of protecting you if the barbell falls.

Do you have a bunch of space to work with for your home gym? If so, a full cage is a great option. The Alpha3000 is 48” wide, and 53” deep. Full cages usually take up more space than half-racks, but that means you can easily fit a bench inside the rack! Meaning you can do so many more lifts inside the cage. Don’t forget, the J-Cups are capable of holding 1,000 lbs, while the multi-grip pull-up bar on this rack supports 600 lbs!

bicep curls in the squat cage

Lifting in a full cage means you’ll most likely be adjusting spotter arms and J-Cups often. That’s why ALL four uprights have numbered holes for easy adjustments! Plus, the Alpha3000 has add-ons such as weight pegs, dip bars, or barbell storage.

Quick list of the Alpha3000’s features:

  • Full cage
  • Textured multi-grip pull-up bar
  • Four numbered uprights
  • Spotter arms included
  • J-Cups included

Chaos4000 Breakdown

Storing barbell in half-rack

The Chaos4000 Half-Rack is our most popular rack. Why is that?! Easy. The Chaos4000 rack offers an ideal setup, with features that were designed with YOU in mind. If you’re someone who needs everything to have a place, this rack is for you. Keep reading to see why!

Storage is a major feature with this rack. With six weight pegs PLUS room for additional pegs, you’ll have more than enough space to store your weight plates! The pegs are fully adjustable, so you can arrange them how you see fit. Along with weight pegs, barbell storage is also included with this rack. Mount the barbell storage on any upright, and enjoy your setup without a barbell taking up a bunch of space when not in use!

Along with amazing storage details, the Chaos4000 has a different multi-grip pull-up bar than the Alpha3000. Each pull-up bar is textured, so you can feel safe performing various pull-ups. This rack also includes adjustable rubber-coated spotter arms and J-Cups.

Shoulder press on half-rack

Sitting close in specs to the Alpha3000, the Chaos4000 is 53” deep, but the width extends to 69” due to the weight pegs that are included. If you’re looking to add on extra weight pegs, dip bars, or resistance band storage, GRIND offers all of these items as add-ons!

Quick list of the Chaos4000 features:

  • Padded spotter arms and J-Cups included
  • Six weight-storage pegs
  • Textured multi-grip pull-up bar
  • Numbered uprights
  • Barbell holder included

I’m ready to choose!

Whether you choose the Alpha3000 or Chaos4000, both racks can give you an amazing home-gym experience. With GRIND, you have the capability to stay within budget without sacrificing quality. There’s a reason both of these racks are rated at five stars! Not only do you get free shipping on all orders, but our customer service team is ready to help you with any questions you may have. Reach ‘em by phone or email, and they’ll get back to you within 24 hours (within business hours).

Benching and squatting in squat racks

Ready to decide? Consider what features you need out of a rack and how much floor space you have for your future setup. Either rack will have you set for an ultimate home gym that will benefit you for years!

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