Maximize Your Chaos4000 with GRIND Storage Accessories

Maximize Your Chaos4000 with GRIND Storage Accessories

A well-organized gym or home workout space is essential for an efficient and effective fitness routine. When it comes to keeping order and making the most of your Chaos4000, look no further than the GRIND Storage Accessories. These innovative solutions are designed to help you keep your equipment tidy, easily accessible, and ready for your next workout. In this blog post, we'll explore the various storage accessories that perfectly complement your Chaos4000.

GRIND Weight Peg Pair

Efficiently storing weights is a crucial aspect of any gym setup, and the GRIND Weight Peg Pair excels in this department. Designed for Chaos4000 or wall mounting, these weight pegs offer flexibility and convenience. Crafted with durability in mind, you can trust them to securely hold your weights. With a weight limit of 375lb per peg and an 8" loadable peg length, these pegs are perfect for any weightlifting environment.


Key Features

  • Mounts to Chaos4000 or wall studs
  • Impressive weight limit of 375lb per peg
  • 8" loadable peg length
  • Wood stud mounting hardware included
  • Sold in pairs

GRIND Bar Storage Attachment

Tired of leaving your bars scattered on the floor? The GRIND Bar Storage Attachment is an ideal solution! Designed to work seamlessly with the Chaos4000 Half Rack, this attachment helps you keep your bars organized and off the floor. You can easily add it to any of the four uprights, making it a versatile storage option.

Moreover, the GRIND Bar Storage Attachment is not limited to the Chaos4000—it can also be added to either side of the Alpha1000 or Alpha3000 racks if you need more bar storage. Installation is a breeze, as it uses existing hardware from your rack. It's compatible with various bar types, including Olympic Straight Bars, EZ Curl Bars, Hex Bars, and even our Post Landmine.

Key Features

  • Fits Alpha1000, Alpha3000, and Chaos4000 racks (not compatible with Alpha2000)
  • Securely holds a variety of bar types
  • Utilizes existing rack hardware for mounting

GRIND Accessory Storage

If you incorporate any accessories into your workouts, you'll appreciate the convenience of the GRIND Accessory Storage. This rack-mounted system is designed specifically for Alpha3000 and Chaos4000 racks, featuring five pegs to keep your pulley systems, collars, and other lifting accessories neatly organized and accessible.

Say goodbye to the hassle of searching for gear during your workout. With the GRIND Accessory Storage, you can easily grab what you need and get to work. It requires no additional hardware for installation and offers a sleek solution to keep your gym in order.

Key Features

  • Compatible with Alpha3000 and Chaos4000 racks
  • Five storage pegs
  • 3.125" peg length
  • Convenient dimensions: 16" x 3" x 3.5"

Dip Handle Storage

The GRIND Dip Handle Storage is designed to help you stay organized and make efficient use of your workout space. Constructed from sturdy steel, this rack provides a secure and convenient way to store and organize your dip handles. Mounted on your rack, it ensures that your dip handles are always within easy reach, saving valuable floor space and reducing clutter.

Key Features

  • Sturdy steel construction
  • Rack-mounted design for easy access
  • Keeps dip handles organized and tidy

The GRIND Storage Accessories offer an array of solutions to help you optimize your Chaos4000 and keep a clutter-free workout space. From weight pegs and bar storage to resistance band organization and dip handle storage, these accessories are designed to enhance your fitness experience. Keep your equipment in order and elevate your workouts with the GRIND Storage Accessories!

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