Assisted Pull Up Home Gym Hack

Assisted Pull Up Home Gym Hack

Welcome to our Home Gym Hacks, where we share creative and effective ways to maximize your home workout experience. In this series, we dive into innovative exercise hacks that use minimal equipment, turning your home gym space into a powerhouse of fitness possibilities.

Let’s get you up to your pull up goal. Assisted pull ups allow you to focus on technique and form while building the muscles necessary to do your pull ups independently.

Setting Up Your Pull Up

Here’s what you need:

Rack with j-cups and pull up bar: the j-cups act as a lower anchor point for the bands than just using the bar.

Mobility bands: these are the support, assisting in your pull up.

Breaking Down Your Set Up

1. Ready your rack: Place your j-cups hip height and stretch the mobility band across the j-cups. If you need more assistance, use a stronger band. Less assistance, use a smaller band.

2. Step on: Stretch the band down and step on.

3. Pull UP: The bands will support you as you perform your movement.

Perfect that Pull Up

1. Don’t Dead Hang: Keep tension in your arms and shoulders between reps to prevent strain on your tendons and rotator cuffs.

2. Shoulder Blade Focus: Pull your shoulder blades down and back as you pull yourself toward the bar.

3. Hold it: At the top? Pull up even further! Get those shoulder blades together and push your chin up as far as it will go.

Home Gym Hacks

Whether you are just adding pull ups to your routine or working on perfecting your form, assisted pull ups using this method is safer and more effective than the traditional mobility band assisted pull ups. Give it a try!

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Here's to getting stronger and using new movements—enjoy your workout!

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