Organize Your Gym Space with GRIND Alpha3000 Storage Accessories

Organize Your Gym Space with GRIND Alpha3000 Storage Accessories

When it comes to creating an efficient and organized workout space, having the right storage accessories can make a world of difference. If you own the GRIND Alpha3000 squat cage, you're in luck! We'll explore the range of storage accessories designed specifically for the Alpha3000, offering versatility and convenience for your fitness equipment.

GRIND Alpha3000 Weight Storage

The Alpha3000 Weight Storage posts are engineered to enhance the versatility of your squat cage. Featuring a j-cup design, these posts allow you to add weight storage anywhere on the uprights of your Alpha3000 rack. This convenient storage solution keeps your weights within arm's reach, making it easy to switch between different loads during your workouts.

Key Features

  • Compatible with Alpha3000 only
  • 8.25" Loadable Post Length
  • 5 Degree Angle for easy access
  • Impressive 355lb Weight Capacity
  • Sold in Pairs for balanced weight distribution

GRIND Bar Storage Attachment

The GRIND Bar Storage Attachment is a must-have for Alpha3000 Full Cage Squat Rack owners who want to keep their bars organized and off the floor. With the ability to attach the bar storage to any of the four uprights, you can customize your storage setup to suit your needs perfectly. This versatile accessory can also be added to either side of the Alpha1000 or Chaos 4000 racks for more bar storage options.

Key Features

  • Compatible with Alpha1000, Alpha3000, and Chaos4000 racks (NOT Alpha2000)
  • Utilizes existing hardware from your rack for easy installation
  • Holds various types of bars, including Olympic Straight Bars, EZ Curl Bars, Hex Bars, and can be used with the Post Landmine attachment.

GRIND Accessory Storage

For those who incorporate accessories into their workouts, the GRIND Accessory Storage system is a game-changer. This rack-mounted storage features five pegs, allowing you to keep your gear neatly organized and easily accessible. Say goodbye to lost gear and wasted workout time searching for the right accessory. With this squat rack storage, you can streamline your training and focus on what matters most - your workout.

Key Features

  • Compatible with Alpha3000 and Chaos4000 racks
  • Requires no other hardware for installation
  • Five storage pegs with a peg length of 3.125"
  • Compact storage dimensions of 16" x 3" x 3.5"

Dip Handle Storage

Staying organized is essential for a clutter-free workout space, and the GRIND Dip Handle Storage rack is here to help. Constructed from sturdy steel, this rack is designed to securely hold and organize your dip handles. The rack-mounted design ensures easy access to your dip handles without taking up valuable floor space, helping you keep a clean and efficient exercise area.

With the range of GRIND Alpha3000 storage accessories at your disposal, you can transform your workout space into a well-organized and efficient area for your fitness equipment. These accessories are designed to complement the Alpha3000 full cage, offering versatility and convenience, so you can focus on your workouts without the hassle of disorganized gear. Elevate your gym space and streamline your fitness journey with GRIND storage solutions.

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