GRIND Women's Chrome Barbell $209.99
The GRIND Women's Bright Chrome Bar features dual Powerlifting, and Olympic knurling, that grips but doesn't gouge. No center knurling means that those high rep workouts won't kill your neck and the sleeves are a bushing/snap ring design built to handle the grind. Match with our Plates & Collars! PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Weight: 15kg/33lb Length: 78" Usable Sleeve Length: 12 1/2" Bar Diameter: 25mm Tensile Strength: 200k PSI Weight Capacity: 1000lb Knurling Style: Medium Center Knurling: No Knurl Marks: Olympic and Power Bushing/Bearing: Bronze Bushings
GRIND Multi-Grip Bar $189.99
The GRIND Multi-Grip Bar (also known as a Swiss Bar) has 6 neutral grip handles. Each handle has a knurled grip and the entire bar is powder coated black. This bar is the usual 20kg so adding up the weight is easy and has a weight capacity of 1,000lb. All 2" sleeve diameter weight plates and collars are compatible with this bar! The neutral grip is great for training explosiveness or to reduce stress on your shoulders during lifts. Grip Widths: Narrow - 5.5" Middle - 13.25" Wide - 21"
Hex Deadlift Trap Bar $179.99
A specialty bar, the Hex Bar allows you to deadlift with your hands in a neutral grip by your sides. While lifting, you stand within the hexagonal opening, which helps you lift with proper form.  Match with our Plates & Collars! Specifications: Bar Weight: 45lbs Bar Length: 56" Sleeve Length: 10.25" Sleeve Diameter: Olympic 2" Knurled Grip: 7.5" Spring Collars Included
GRIND USA-Made Summit Bar $319.99
The GRIND USA-Made Summit Barbell is manufactured in the Upper Midwest with the highest attention to detail. The medium aggressive knurling with Olympic and powerlifting knurl marks make this barbell the best multi-purpose barbell on the market. Made in the USA. PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Weight: 20kg/45lb Weight Capacity: 2,000 lb Length: 86.5" Usable Sleeve Length: 16.5" Bar Diameter: 28.5 mm Knurl Marks: Olympic and Power Center Knurling: No Sleeve: Bright Zinc Bar: Bright Zinc
GRIND EZ Curl Bar $119.99
Get awesome arm workouts in with the GRIND EZ Curl Bar. The curved bar allows you to use a variety of grips for all your bicep and tricep workouts. Match with our Plates and start getting those arms pumped!   PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Weight: 19LB Weight Capacity: 300 lb Length: 47 1/2" Usable Sleeve Length: 6 1/4" Bar Diameter: 28mm
GRIND Fitness Post Landmine $69.99
Tired of the same old GRIND? Take a look at our Post Landmine! The GRIND Fitness Post Landmine is a small, but great strength accessory that allows you to add a lot of lift variations to your routine. Use with a stack of weights or even use it in the barbell storage of your rack or weight plate storage. The GRIND Post Landmine allows you to do a wide variety of push, pull, squat, and rotational exercises. Some of the more popular moves performed with this handy piece of equipment include landmine squats to build strength in the legs. This move can also help beginners learn proper squat form. Landmine Thrusters help develop full-body strength and Rotational Single-Arm Presses build rotational power. That's just to name a few! Compatible with Olympic Barbells (2" sleeves) 8.5" Post Can be used in the following: Stacked weight plates Rack barbell storage Weight plate barbell storage
GRIND 1" Pulley System $79.99
Add more variations to your workouts with the GRIND 1" Pulley System. This pulley is compatible with 1" standard plates or 2" Olympic weight plates. This pulley can be attached to all GRIND racks, comes with 70" and 90" length cables, and includes a straight bar and rope attachment to vary up your workout with different grips! Features: 200lb Weight Capacity Straight Bar & Rope Attachment Fits 1" and 2" Weight Plates  
Landmine Chain Collar $34.99
The Landmine Chain Collar attaches to the barbell sleeve to allow attachments to be connected for exercises with the Post Landmine. Included is 4 chain links and 2 carabiners to adjust the length per attachment. This allows you to do a variety of different pulling movements including rows and curls.
Tricep Rope Attachment $24.99
The Tricep Rope Attachment is a versatile handle that allows you to move your wrists during your lifts and change your grips. This is attachment is perfect for pushdowns, curls, face pulls, and cable crunches. It's a great accessory to go with a pulley or Landmine Chain Collar! The rope is 1" in diameter with a total length of 28" and 2.5" end diameter.
Straight Bar Attachment $39.99
The Straight Bar Attachment can be attached to the 1" Pulley System or Landmine Chain Collars to perform a variety of different lifts. This bar is 20" in length with knurling for grip and chrome finish for durability. The bar revolves 360° at the connection point in the middle so you're able to have a secure grip during any lift.
V-Bar Attachment $29.99
The V-Bar Attachment is a simple attachment for the 1" Pulley System that's great for tricep pushdowns. The V-Bar Attachment is a must have addition to your home gym.
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Single Handle Attachment $17.99
The Single Handle Attachment is the best attachment for isolated one arm movements! Add this to the 1" Pulley System or Landmine Chain Collar for a complete workout.
Lat Bar Attachment from $59.99
Add variety to your workouts with the Lat Bar Attachment! This handle can attach to the 1" Pulley System or Landmine Chain Collars to perform a variety of different lifts. The Lat Bar comes in 34" or 48" lengths with knurling for grip and chrome finish for durability. The bar revolves 360° in the middle to ensure a secure grip with any lift.
GRIND Cast Iron Kettlebells from $44.99
Cast Iron Kettlebells are coated in a black powder coat with embossed KG and LB weight marks. Each weight is marked with a different color. These are a great addition to your home gym for many different lifts including swings, presses, rows and squat variations. Gray - 6KG/13LB Pink - 8KG/18LB Red - 12KG/26LB Blue - 16KG/35LB Yellow - 24KG/53LB
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GRIND Dumbbell Rack $249.99
The GRIND Dumbbell Rack is a three-tier system that keeps your dumbbells organized and off the floor. Simple assembly and sturdy design makes this the perfect dumbbell storage solution for your gym! Pictured are 5lb - 50lb Rubber Hex Dumbbell pairs going by 5lb increments.  Assembled: 41" Tall 60" Wide 23" Deep
Rubber Hex Dumbbells from $20.00 $1,204.90
Six-sided and rubber coated, GRIND Rubber Hex Dumbbells will have low impact on your floor and won't roll around once you set them down. These have a slightly arched and knurled handle for a great grip during exercises. A must have for every gym!  SOLD IN PAIRS 5lb -50lb Set may have some pairs out of stock, remaining pairs will be sent to the customer once they are received.
GRIND 16"x18"x24" Soft Plyo Box $109.99
The Grind Plush Plyo-Box is designed for people who want to box jump, step up, split squat, box squat, and more without worrying about injury from a failed rep. The inside weight distributes to the bottom of the plyo box for added stability. This plyo weighing 30lb is not your ordinary light weight foam plyo that tips in the wind!   Specifications: 16"x18"x24" 30lb Ultra density outer foam Sweat-proof grippy vinyl shell
GRIND Wood Plyo Box 20x24x30 $109.99
The GRIND Fitness 3-in1 Wood Plyo Box has 20", 24", and 30" height abilities. Simply flip the box to get a different height for box jumps, squats, and lunges. Made with 9 layers of wood along with a middle support member, this box is durable to withstand many years of garage workouts.
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GRIND Adjustable Dumbbell $169.99
A full weight set with just one dumbbell! The GRIND Adjustable Dumbbell has 16 adjustments from 5lb/2.3kg to 45lb/20kg. Twist the handle when on the stand to easily change your weight selection. Specifications: Sold in Singles 16 Weight Adjustments 5lb - 45lb
GRIND Nylon Wrapped Battle Rope $79.99
A perfect addition to your gym for a high intensity workout for your arms, shoulders, and back! This battle rope is 30ft long, weighs 17lb, and has rubber heat-shrunk handles. Pair it with our Battle Rope Storage to store your rope when not in use. Specifications: Length: 30ft Width: 1.5in Weight: 17lb
GRIND Battle Rope Hanger $34.99
The Grind Battle Rope Holder is designed to get your battle ropes, manila climbing ropes, and jump ropes off the floor and onto the wall.  Whether you're looking to save space in your home gym or clean up the look of your commercial gym, our rope holder is perfect for any gym setting. Specifications: Must be wall mounted 14" x 10 1/4" Hardware included
Slam Balls from $29.99
Do ball throws and slams to build explosive power using these Slam Balls. Additional moves to get the most out of these multi-functional balls are twists, weighted crunches (work those abs!), and weighted leg raises.
Soft Wall Balls from $44.99
These Wall Balls are similar to medicine balls, but are bigger and softer to throw and catch. Made of durable black PVC leather and are 14" in diameter. Great for core exercises and standard wall ball throws.
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GRIND Pull Sled $110.50 $129.99
The GRIND Pull Sled is a flat-bottomed, solid-steel sled and comes with a shoulder harness. The sled itself is 24" x 16" and has an 11" weight post that folds flat for easy storage. The weight post can accommodate three 45lb crumb rubber plates. Using cast iron? Pile it on!  The harness for the GRIND Pull Sled is connected by two carabiners, which allows you to detach it and perform a reverse walk (build the quads, strengthen the knees!) by simply holding onto the strap. Sleds are great for increasing endurance and strength!
GRIND T-Shirt $22.99
The GRIND Fitness Logo Tee is printed on a soft and athletic fitted shirt that hugs the guns. This isn't that cheap boxy shirt that shrinks up after you wear it one time! Details: 60% Combed Ringspun Cotton 40% Polyester Side seams Sizing Size Chart XS S M L XL XXL Body Length 27 28 29 30 31 32 Body Width 17.5 19 20.5 22 24 26
Built By GRIND Flag $19.99
Everyone needs some wall decor for there gym. The Built By GRIND flag is just the addition you need! 34"X25" 3 Top Grommet Holes WANT THIS FLAG FOR FREE? 1. Leave a detailed review with a photo on one of our products. 2. Email ( or direct message us on Instagram with a screen shot of your review. 3. We'll send you a flag for FREE!
Chaos4000 Basics Bundle $1,229.95
The Chaos4000 Basics Bundle gets your home gym started in just one click. The GRIND Choas4000 Half Rack has the essential storages to store your weight plates and barbell. Also included are rubber padded J-cups and spotter arms. The Chaos4000 is our most popular rack! This product is perfect for high intensity workouts. With its robust construction and space saving design, you can take your training to the next level in the comfort of your own home. Get ready to experience the ultimate home fitness experience. In this bundle you will get the following products: Chaos4000 Half Rack 3-Post Flat Bench 160lb Plate Bundle 20KG Barbell Barbell Collars
Alpha3000 Basics Bundle $1,079.95
The Alpha3000 Basics Bundle gets you a full cage and home gym in just one click! The GRIND Alpha3000 Full Cage features easy-to-change safety pins, J-cups with rubber lining to protect your barbell, numbered holes on all four uprights, and a multi-grip pull-up bar designed to get the most out of your workout! Nothing should hold you back from hitting your fitness goals - least of all, your budget.  The Alpha3000 Basics Bundle is a great gym package at a great price. This bundle contains the following products: Alpha3000 Full Cage 3-Post Flat Bench 160lb Plate Bundle 20KG Barbell Barbell Collars

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