Rubber Hex Dumbbells from $20.00 $1,204.90
Six-sided and rubber coated, GRIND Rubber Hex Dumbbells will have low impact on your floor and won't roll around once you set them down. These have a slightly arched and knurled handle for a great grip during exercises. A must have for every gym!  SOLD IN PAIRS 5lb -50lb Set may have some pairs out of stock, remaining pairs will be sent to the customer once they are received.
GRIND Midnight Bumper Plates from $69.99
GRIND Midnight Bumper Plates Firm solid rubber Embossed logo and weight Less impact to the floor Quieter than cast iron Proven durability - drop tested to withstand 30,000 drops Fits Olympic Bar (2" sleeve) Thickness 10lbs - 23mm 15lbs - 35mm 25lbs - 51mm 35lbs - 66mm 45lbs - 81mm Warranty 90 days for 10lb & 15lb* 2 years for 25lb - 45lb SOLD IN PAIRS *We do not recommend dropping the 10 lb & 15 lb plates from higher than 36". Doing so alone on the bar can cause the inserts to be damaged and voids warranty.
GRIND Standard Bar $189.99
The GRIND Standard Bar will work for your low impact lifts and have a low impact on your wallet. This bar is the standard 86" long and has a 28mm bar diameter with dual knurl markings and snap ring sleeve ends, but is not recommended for dropping lifts. Match with our Plates & Collars! PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Weight: 20kg (44.1lb) Length: 86" Loadable Sleeve Length: 16" Shaft Diameter: 28mm Weight Capacity: 700lb Knurling Style: Medium Center Knurling: No Knurl Marks: Dual Knurl Markings: Olympic & Power Bushing/Bearing: Bushing
GRIND Fleck Carbon Crumb Plates from $69.99
Recycled crumb rubber with colored logo and fleck Fits Olympic Bar (2" sleeve) Plate Thickness 10lbs - 30mm 15lbs - 40mm 25lbs - 65mm 35lbs - 78mm 45lbs - 80mm Warranty 90 days for 10lb & 15lb* 2 years for 25lb - 45lb SOLD IN PAIRS  *Do not drop the 10 lb & 15 lb plates from higher than 36". Doing so alone on the bar can cause damage to the inserts and voids warranty.
GRIND 16"x18"x24" Soft Plyo Box $109.99
The Grind Plush Plyo-Box is designed for people who want to box jump, step up, split squat, box squat, and more without worrying about injury from a failed rep. The inside weight distributes to the bottom of the plyo box for added stability. This plyo weighing 30lb is not your ordinary light weight foam plyo that tips in the wind!   Specifications: 16"x18"x24" 30lb Ultra density outer foam Sweat-proof grippy vinyl shell
GRIND EZ Curl Bar $119.99
Get awesome arm workouts in with the GRIND EZ Curl Bar. The curved bar allows you to use a variety of grips for all your bicep and tricep workouts. Match with our Plates and start getting those arms pumped!   PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Weight: 19LB Weight Capacity: 300 lb Length: 47 1/2" Usable Sleeve Length: 6 1/4" Bar Diameter: 28mm
GRIND Carbon Crumb Plates from $69.99
The Carbon Crumb Rubber Plates are made out of recycled rubber and are a textured solid black color. These plates have a low impact on floors, which makes these great for home garage gyms.  Plate Thickness 10lbs - 28mm 15lbs - 42mm 25lbs - 65mm 35lbs - 76mm 45lbs - 78mm *Do NOT drop the 10 & 15 lb plates from higher than 36". Doing so alone on the bar can cause damage to the inserts and voids warranty.
GRIND Cast Iron Kettlebells from $44.99
Cast Iron Kettlebells are coated in a black powder coat with embossed KG and LB weight marks. Each weight is marked with a different color. These are a great addition to your home gym for many different lifts including swings, presses, rows and squat variations. Gray - 6KG/13LB Pink - 8KG/18LB Red - 12KG/26LB Blue - 16KG/35LB Yellow - 24KG/53LB
Hex Deadlift Trap Bar $179.99
A specialty bar, the Hex Bar allows you to deadlift with your hands in a neutral grip by your sides. While lifting, you stand within the hexagonal opening, which helps you lift with proper form.  Match with our Plates & Collars! Specifications: Bar Weight: 45lbs Bar Length: 56" Sleeve Length: 10.25" Sleeve Diameter: Olympic 2" Knurled Grip: 7.5" Spring Collars Included
GRIND Force Bar $289.99
The sleek look of the all black Force Bar melds perfectly with each GRIND rack. This bar is the perfect all-around barbell with a high weight capacity, needle bearing sleeves, and knurling that offers a great grip without ripping your hands. Bar Weight: 20kg/44.1lb Length: 86.6" Loadable Sleeve Length: 16 1/4" Bar Diameter: 28 mm Tensile Strength: 190,000 PSI Weight Capacity: 1,500lb  Knurling Style: Medium Knurling Knurl Marks: Olympic & Power Bushing/Bearing: 8 Needle Bearings
GRIND Wood Plyo Box 20x24x30 $109.99
The GRIND Fitness 3-in1 Wood Plyo Box has 20", 24", and 30" height abilities. Simply flip the box to get a different height for box jumps, squats, and lunges. Made with 9 layers of wood along with a middle support member, this box is durable to withstand many years of garage workouts.
GRIND USA-Made Summit Bar $319.99
The GRIND USA-Made Summit Barbell is manufactured in the Upper Midwest with the highest attention to detail. The medium aggressive knurling with Olympic and powerlifting knurl marks make this barbell the best multi-purpose barbell on the market. Made in the USA. PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Weight: 20kg/45lb Weight Capacity: 2,000 lb Length: 86.5" Usable Sleeve Length: 16.5" Bar Diameter: 28.5 mm Knurl Marks: Olympic and Power Center Knurling: No Sleeve: Bright Zinc Bar: Bright Zinc
GRIND Power Bar $229.99
The GRIND Power Bar is a professional-strength training tool, designed with a 29mm shaft and aggressive knurling for maximum grip. Its comfortable feel and superior grip maximize performance and enhance safety and control. Ideal for power lifting, training, and home gyms. PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Bar Weight: 20kg (44.1lb) Bar Length: 86.6" Loadable Sleeve: 17" Shaft Diameter: 29mm Tensile Strength: 200,000 Weight Capacity: 1,000lb Knurling Style: Aggressive Center Knurling: Yes Knurl Markings: IPF Power Bushing/Bearing: Bronze Bushings
GRIND Squat Wedge Pair $79.99
GRIND Squat Wedges provide elevated heel support to enhance mobility and enable a greater range of motion for squats, improving form and reducing the risk of knee and ankle injury. Made in the USA with thick steel and a powder-coated finish, each wedge is topped with grip tape for secure placement. The wedges allow you to adjust width to suit your body's stance. Sold in Pairs 25° Incline Grip Tape Top USA Steel
GRIND Weight Vest $129.99
The GRIND Weight Vest is essential for any workout fan! Every detail is thoughtfully designed for your comfort and flexibility. Enjoy a snug and secure fit with the padded interior and adjustable straps. With its adjustable weight from 4.5lbs (unloaded) to 45lbs (fully loaded), it's the perfect way to take your workout to the next level!! Specifications: Total Weight: 45lb Block Weight: 2.25lb 18 Weight Blocks
GRIND Multi-Grip Bar $189.99
The GRIND Multi-Grip Bar (also known as a Swiss Bar) has 6 neutral grip handles. Each handle has a knurled grip and the entire bar is powder coated black. This bar is the usual 20kg so adding up the weight is easy and has a weight capacity of 1,000lb. All 2" sleeve diameter weight plates and collars are compatible with this bar! The neutral grip is great for training explosiveness or to reduce stress on your shoulders during lifts. Grip Widths: Narrow - 5.5" Middle - 13.25" Wide - 21"
-15% sale
GRIND Pull Sled $110.50 $129.99
The GRIND Pull Sled is a flat-bottomed, solid-steel sled and comes with a shoulder harness. The sled itself is 24" x 16" and has an 11" weight post that folds flat for easy storage. The weight post can accommodate three 45lb crumb rubber plates. Using cast iron? Pile it on!  The harness for the GRIND Pull Sled is connected by two carabiners, which allows you to detach it and perform a reverse walk (build the quads, strengthen the knees!) by simply holding onto the strap. Sleds are great for increasing endurance and strength!
-17% sale
Door Mounted Pull-Up Bar $49.99 $59.99
The GRIND Door Mounted Pull-Up Bar is a great choice for those looking for a reliable way to do pull-ups at home. Featuring a solid steel construction and foam grips for comfortable use, this pull-up bar easily mounts to any solid door frame for quick and easy setup. Enjoy the convenience of achieving your fitness goals at home! Door Frame Width Needed: 24"-36" Weight Capacity: 450lb Band Resistance: 3lb-15lb  Dimensions Folded Flat: 39.75 x 10.5 x 1.75 in
-24% sale
GRIND Jump Rope $22.99 $29.99
The GRIND Jump Rope features a rubber-coated steel strand and knurled handles for a comfortable ergonomic grip, which makes this an ideal tool for an effective cardio workout. Enjoy smooth and reliable rotation with every jump! Specifications: Aluminum Knurled Handles Handle Length: 6" Rope Length: 118" Storage Bag Included Allen Key Included (to adjust cable length)

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