GRIND Power Bar $229.99
The GRIND Power Bar is a professional-strength training tool, designed with a 29mm shaft and aggressive knurling for maximum grip. Its comfortable feel and superior grip maximize performance and enhance safety and control. Ideal for power lifting, training, and home gyms. PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Bar Weight: 20kg (44.1lb) Bar Length: 86.6" Loadable Sleeve: 17" Shaft Diameter: 29mm Tensile Strength: 200,000 Weight Capacity: 1,000lb Knurling Style: Aggressive Center Knurling: Yes Knurl Markings: IPF Power Bushing/Bearing: Bronze Bushings
GRIND Multi-Grip Bar $189.99
The GRIND Multi-Grip Bar (also known as a Swiss Bar) has 6 neutral grip handles. Each handle has a knurled grip and the entire bar is powder coated black. This bar is the usual 20kg so adding up the weight is easy and has a weight capacity of 1,000lb. All 2" sleeve diameter weight plates and collars are compatible with this bar! The neutral grip is great for training explosiveness or to reduce stress on your shoulders during lifts. Grip Widths: Narrow - 5.5" Middle - 13.25" Wide - 21"
GRIND EZ Curl Bar $119.99
Get awesome arm workouts in with the GRIND EZ Curl Bar. The curved bar allows you to use a variety of grips for all your bicep and tricep workouts. Match with our Plates and start getting those arms pumped!   PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Weight: 19LB Weight Capacity: 300 lb Length: 47 1/2" Usable Sleeve Length: 6 1/4" Bar Diameter: 28mm
GRIND Gripper Collars $34.99
The GRIND Gripper Collars offer a secure grip on all GRIND barbells. Made from durable aluminum with a rubber grip, these barbell collars are designed to help you get the most out of your workout in safety and comfort.

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