Built By GRIND Flag $19.99
Everyone needs some wall decor for there gym. The Built By GRIND flag is just the addition you need! 34"X25" 3 Top Grommet Holes WANT THIS FLAG FOR FREE? 1. Leave a detailed review with a photo on one of our products. 2. Email (squad@thegrindfitness.com) or direct message us on Instagram with a screen shot of your review. 3. We'll send you a flag for FREE!
Cast Iron Change Plates from $28.99 $64.99
You gotta have weights to lift weights. These cast iron weights get the job done. Plain and simple. SOLD IN PAIRS
Cast Iron Weight Plates from $28.99 $119.99
You gotta have weights to lift weights. These cast iron weights get the job done. Plain and simple. SOLD IN PAIRS Store with our Cast Iron Plate & Bar Storage!
-21% sale
Chalk Block 8-Pack $19.99 $24.99
The Chalk Block is your compact and powerful companion for enhanced grip and performance. Eight - 2 oz blocks, measuring at 3.5"x3.5" each, are a game-changer for athletes and fitness enthusiasts. Crafted for convenience and effectiveness, these Chalk Blocks ensure a reliable grip, allowing you to push your limits with confidence. Whether you're lifting heavy, mastering gymnastics movements, or tackling a challenging climb, Chalk Blocks are your secret weapon for a secure and confident grip.
-17% sale
Door Mounted Pull-Up Bar $49.99 $59.99
The GRIND Door Mounted Pull-Up Bar is a great choice for those looking for a reliable way to do pull-ups at home. Featuring a solid steel construction and foam grips for comfortable use, this pull-up bar easily mounts to any solid door frame for quick and easy setup. Enjoy the convenience of achieving your fitness goals at home! Door Frame Width Needed: 24"-36" Weight Capacity: 450lb Band Resistance: 3lb-15lb  Dimensions Folded Flat: 39.75 x 10.5 x 1.75 in
-6% sale
EZ Curl Bundle $299.99 $317.94
This bundle will make your the curl king! Bar storage included for when not in use. Includes: EZ Curl Bar Bar Storage (compatible with 1000, 3000, & 4000 racks) 2.5lb, 5lb, & 10lb Plates Gripper Barbell Collars
GRIND 1" Pulley System $79.99
Add more variations to your workouts with the GRIND 1" Pulley System. This pulley is compatible with 1" standard plates or 2" Olympic weight plates. This pulley can be attached to all GRIND racks, comes with 65" length cable, and includes a straight bar and rope attachment to vary up your workout with different grips! Features: 200lb Weight Capacity Straight Bar & Rope Attachment Fits 1" and 2" Weight Plates  
GRIND 16"x18"x24" Soft Plyo Box $109.99
The Grind Plush Plyo-Box is designed for people who want to box jump, step up, split squat, box squat, and more without worrying about injury from a failed rep. The inside weight distributes to the bottom of the plyo box for added stability. This plyo weighing 30lb is not your ordinary light weight foam plyo that tips in the wind!   Specifications: 16"x18"x24" 30lb Ultra density outer foam Sweat-proof grippy vinyl shell
GRIND 3-Post Flat Bench $99.99
Introducing the newly designed GRIND 3-Post Flat Bench! The 21" rear foot gives this bench maximum stability, while the single post front foot allows you ample space to adjust your feet while you're benching. Topped with a grippy-top vinyl to keep you in place - this bench has well-thought out features at a sweet price point! Specifications: Foot Print: 44" long, 21" wide, 17" tall Pad Dimensions: 44" long, 12" wide, 2" tall Weight: 24lbs Grippy Pad Vinyl Rubber foot front post Weight Capacity: 610lbs
GRIND Accessory Storage $39.99
This Alpha3000 and Chaos4000 rack-mounted storage system features 5 pegs for keeping resistance bands, pulleys, bar collars and other gym accessories organized and accessible. Its squat rack accessory design makes it easy to conveniently store and access all of your gym accessories during any workout. With GRIND, organize and simplify your training. Only compatible with the Alpha3000 & Chaos4000 No additional hardware needed 5 storage pegs 3.125" peg length Storage Dimensions: 16" x 3" x 3.5"
GRIND Adjustable Dumbbell $169.99
A full weight set with just one dumbbell! The GRIND Adjustable Dumbbell has 16 adjustments from 5lb/2.3kg to 45lb/20kg. Twist the handle when on the stand to easily change your weight selection. Specifications: Sold in Singles 16 Weight Adjustments 5lb - 45lb
GRIND Adjustable Kettlebell $169.99
The GRIND Adjustable Kettlebell is the perfect addition to any home gym. Adjustable weight from 20lb to 40lb in five pound increments makes it great for beginners and experienced lifters alike. Steel construction ensures lasting durability, and the ergonomic design makes it comfortable to lift and maneuver. Press and lock the kettlebell to the weight you want and start swingin'!
GRIND Ball Storage Rack $89.99
Securely store balls of all sizes with this GRIND Ball Storage Rack. Its five shelves help you organize larger items such as medicine balls, while smaller fitness balls rest easily on top. Make the most of your space while keeping your gear neatly organized. Balls that Fit: GRIND Medicine Balls GRIND Dual Grip Medicine Balls GRIND Slam Balls
GRIND Bar Storage Attachment $34.99
Bar storage solution! The GRIND Bar Storage Attachment is the perfect solution for Alpha3000 Full Cage Squat Rack owners who want to get their bar up off the floor. Simply add the bar storage to any of the four uprights. The GRIND Bar Storage Attachment can also be added to either side of the Alpha1000 or Chaos 4000 racks if you need an additional bar stored! The storage unit uses the existing hardware from your rack to mount. The GRIND Bar Storage holds bars like Olympic Straight Bars, EZ Curl Bars, Hex Bars and can also be used with our Post Landmine. Compatible with Alpha1000, Alpha3000 & Chaos4000 racks. NOT compatible with Alpha2000.  
GRIND Battle Rope Hanger $34.99
The Grind Battle Rope Holder is designed to get your battle ropes, manila climbing ropes, and jump ropes off the floor and onto the wall.  Whether you're looking to save space in your home gym or clean up the look of your commercial gym, our rope holder is perfect for any gym setting. Specifications: Must be wall mounted 14" x 10 1/4" Hardware included
GRIND Bumper Plate & Bar Storage $169.99
The GRIND Bumper Plate & Bar Storage is ready for all your plates and bars! It has six weight posts and six barbell holders. The weight posts are designed to hold all Olympic (2") weight plates, but specifically designed to fit bumper plates. The six barbell sleeves will hold all of your Olympic bars, hex bars, EZ curl bars, and any other specialty bar that has a two-inch sleeve. This affordable bumper plate & bar storage unit allows you to grow your gym with the knowledge that you'll have a secure place to put your equipment away. Specifications: Assembled: 49.5" x 24.5" x 24" 11.5" Weight Pegs 6 Olympic 2" Sleeve Barbell Holders Fits 2" Bumper Plates
GRIND Carbon Crumb Plates from $69.99
The Carbon Crumb Rubber Plates are made out of recycled rubber and are a textured solid black color. These plates have a low impact on floors, which makes these great for home garage gyms.  Plate Thickness 10lbs - 28mm 15lbs - 42mm 25lbs - 65mm 35lbs - 76mm 45lbs - 78mm *Do NOT drop the 10 & 15 lb plates from higher than 36". Doing so alone on the bar can cause damage to the inserts and voids warranty.
GRIND Cast Iron Kettlebells from $44.99
Cast Iron Kettlebells are coated in a black powder coat with embossed KG and LB weight marks. Each weight is marked with a different color. These are a great addition to your home gym for many different lifts including swings, presses, rows and squat variations. Gray - 6KG/13LB Pink - 8KG/18LB Red - 12KG/26LB Blue - 16KG/35LB Yellow - 24KG/53LB
Sold out
GRIND Cast Iron Plate & Bar Storage $169.99
The GRIND Plate Tree has 6 weight posts and 2 barbell holders. The weight posts are designed to hold CAST IRON PLATES and will NOT fit bumper plates. The 2 barbell holders can hold Olympic bars, hex bars, ez curl bars, and any other specialty bar with a 2in sleeve. The bottom of the barbell storages have a rubber padding to ensure your barbell stays undamaged. Specifications: Assembled: 45.5" x 28" x 22" 8.75" Weight Pegs 2 Olympic 2" Sleeve Barbell Holders Fits 2" Cast Iron Plates ONLY
GRIND Chalk Bowl Holder $149.99
The GRIND Chalk Bowl Holder is made of stainless steel, meaning it resists corrosion and will outlast just about any other equipment you have. The deep dish helps prevent chalk from falling spilling onto the gym floor. Specifications: 3 Locking Caster Wheels 4 Utility Hooks Black Powdercoated
GRIND Dip Handle Storage $39.99
Stay organized with the GRIND Dip Handle Storage rack. Constructed from sturdy steel, this storage provides a secure and convenient way to store and organize your dip handles. The rack-mounted design makes it easy to access dip handles without taking up valuable floor space. Keep your exercise space tidy and efficient!Mounts to both Alpha3000 and Chaos4000 squat racks.
GRIND Dual-Grip Medicine Balls from $49.99
Experience a new level of fitness with GRIND Dual-Grip Medicine Balls! Their black, modern finish plus dual-grip handles make your workout more powerful, as you rotate for maximum strength-building. Stylish and durable, these med balls are perfect for any fitness enthusiast. Available in 10lb and 20lb. 
GRIND Dumbbell Rack $249.99
The GRIND Dumbbell Rack is a three-tier system that keeps your dumbbells organized and off the floor. Simple assembly and sturdy design makes this the perfect dumbbell storage solution for your gym! Pictured are 5lb - 50lb Rubber Hex Dumbbell pairs going by 5lb increments.  Assembled: 41" Tall 60" Wide 23" Deep
GRIND Dumbbell Rack 42" Shelves $239.99
Easily organize and store your weights with the GRIND Dumbbell Rack. Its 3-tier design offers plenty of room to store dumbbells, while its slim profile fits perfectly in any home or commercial gym. Enjoy the convenience of an organized weight rack and keep your workout space neat and tidy. Rack Dimensions:  46.75" W x 40" H x 23.5" D Fits 11 Dumbbell Pairs: 5lb - 55lb by 5lb increments (pictured)
GRIND Econ Pop-Pin Bench $224.99
Introducing the GRIND Econ Pop-Pin Bench: the essential piece of equipment for your home gym. Engineered with durability, functionality, and affordability in mind, this bench is designed to elevate your workout experience to new heights. Back Rest - 9 Different settings from -10° to 90° Seat  - 3 Different settings from 0° to 20° Weight Capacity Rating of 660 lbs. (300 kgs.).
GRIND eGift Card from $25.00
Not sure what they need/want? The GRIND Gift Card is the perfect gift. Every time.
GRIND EZ Curl Bar $119.99
Get awesome arm workouts in with the GRIND EZ Curl Bar. The curved bar allows you to use a variety of grips for all your bicep and tricep workouts. Match with our Plates and start getting those arms pumped!   PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Weight: 19LB Weight Capacity: 300 lb Length: 47 1/2" Usable Sleeve Length: 6 1/4" Bar Diameter: 28mm
GRIND Fitness Post Landmine $69.99
Tired of the same old GRIND? Take a look at our Post Landmine! The GRIND Fitness Post Landmine is a small, but great strength accessory that allows you to add a lot of lift variations to your routine. Use with a stack of weights or even use it in the barbell storage of your rack or weight plate storage. The GRIND Post Landmine allows you to do a wide variety of push, pull, squat, and rotational exercises. Some of the more popular moves performed with this handy piece of equipment include landmine squats to build strength in the legs. This move can also help beginners learn proper squat form. Landmine Thrusters help develop full-body strength and Rotational Single-Arm Presses build rotational power. That's just to name a few! Compatible with Olympic Barbells (2" sleeves) 8.5" Post Can be used in the following: Stacked weight plates Rack barbell storage Weight plate barbell storage

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