Chaos4000 Plus Bundle

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The Chaos4000 Plus Bundle gets you a complete home gym in just one click!

The Chaos4000 Half Rack was built to give you the best gym set up possible with its many thoughtfully designed features. Built-in plate posts in the back and safety spotter arms in the front give you the ability to accomplish your toughest workouts. Rubber lined J-cups, numbered uprights, and durable powder coat make virtually every lift variation possible. Don’t forget the multi-grip bar to challenge yourself every day.

This is the rack that can handle anything and everything you throw at it. When it's time to hit the GRIND, the Chaos4000 Half Rack will help you get the job done.

This bundle includes the following:

  • Chaos4000 Half Rack
  • Incline/Decline Bench
  • 160lb Plate Bundle
  • 20KG Barbell
  • Pulley System
  • Mobility Band Bundle