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GRIND Bar Storage Attachment $34.99
Bar storage solution! The GRIND Bar Storage Attachment is the perfect solution for Alpha3000 Full Cage Squat Rack owners who want to get their bar up off the floor. Simply add the bar storage to any of the four uprights. The GRIND Bar Storage Attachment can also be added to either side of the Alpha1000 or Chaos 4000 racks if you need an additional bar stored! The storage unit uses the existing hardware from your rack to mount. The GRIND Bar Storage holds bars like Olympic Straight Bars, EZ Curl Bars, Hex Bars and can also be used with our Post Landmine. Compatible with Alpha1000, Alpha3000 & Chaos4000 racks. NOT compatible with Alpha2000.  
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GRIND Cast Iron Plate & Bar Storage $169.99
The GRIND Plate Tree has 6 weight posts and 2 barbell holders. The weight posts are designed to hold CAST IRON PLATES and will NOT fit bumper plates. The 2 barbell holders can hold Olympic bars, hex bars, ez curl bars, and any other specialty bar with a 2in sleeve. The bottom of the barbell storages have a rubber padding to ensure your barbell stays undamaged. Specifications: Assembled: 45.5" x 28" x 22" 8.75" Weight Pegs 2 Olympic 2" Sleeve Barbell Holders Fits 2" Cast Iron Plates ONLY
GRIND Accessory Storage $39.99
This Alpha3000 and Chaos4000 rack-mounted storage system features 5 pegs for keeping resistance bands, pulleys, bar collars and other gym accessories organized and accessible. Its squat rack accessory design makes it easy to conveniently store and access all of your gym accessories during any workout. With GRIND, organize and simplify your training. Only compatible with the Alpha3000 & Chaos4000 No additional hardware needed 5 storage pegs 3.125" peg length Storage Dimensions: 16" x 3" x 3.5"
GRIND Bumper Plate & Bar Storage $169.99
The GRIND Bumper Plate & Bar Storage is ready for all your plates and bars! It has six weight posts and six barbell holders. The weight posts are designed to hold all Olympic (2") weight plates, but specifically designed to fit bumper plates. The six barbell sleeves will hold all of your Olympic bars, hex bars, EZ curl bars, and any other specialty bar that has a two-inch sleeve. This affordable bumper plate & bar storage unit allows you to grow your gym with the knowledge that you'll have a secure place to put your equipment away. Specifications: Assembled: 49.5" x 24.5" x 24" 11.5" Weight Pegs 6 Olympic 2" Sleeve Barbell Holders Fits 2" Bumper Plates
GRIND Weight Peg Pair $34.99
The GRIND Weight Peg Pair is designed for efficient storage of weights in any gym or home workout space. The pegs can be mounted on either the Choas4000 or walls, providing flexibility and convenience. Their durable construction ensures long-lasting reliability and trustworthiness, allowing you to store your weights with confidence. Perfect for any weightlifting environment. Only mounts to Chaos4000 or wall studs Peg Weight Limit: 375lb per peg Loadable Peg Length: 8" Wood Stud Mounting Hardware Included Sold In Pairs
GRIND Spotter Arm Rubber $24.99
This highly durable GRIND Spotter Arm Rubber provides superior protection for your gym equipment, with strong 3M tape for easy installation. Its exceptional strength and thick cushioning ensure your equipment is kept safe and sound, with maximum longevity. All current rack spotter arms come with rubber. ONLY NEEDED FOR OLDER RACKS THAT DID NOT HAVE RUBBER Sold as a pair.

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