GRIND Chaos4000 Builder from $449.99
Start with the GRIND Choas4000 Half Rack and add all the accessories you desire. The Chaos4000 was built to give you the best gym setup possible. Built-in plate post in the back and safety spotter arms in the front gives you the ability to accomplish your toughest workouts. Rubber lined J-cups, numbered uprights, and durable powder coat makes every lift possible. Don’t forget the multi-grip bar to challenge yourself every day. Rack Specifications: Dimensions: 85" Tall, 49" Wide, 53" Deep 14 Gauge Steel 3"x2" Numbered Uprights Textured Multi-Grip Bar (600LB Capacity) Rubber Padded J-Cups (1,000LB Capacity) Rubber Padded Spotter Arms 6 Weight Storage Pegs 1 Vertical Barbell Holder All items will be individually shown in your cart. All changes made in your cart will affect the price and items shipped.
GRIND Midnight Bumper Plates from $69.99
GRIND Midnight Bumper Plates Firm solid rubber Embossed logo and weight Less impact to the floor Quieter than cast iron Proven durability - drop tested to withstand 30,000 drops Fits Olympic Bar (2" sleeve) Thickness 10lbs - 23mm 15lbs - 35mm 25lbs - 51mm 35lbs - 66mm 45lbs - 81mm Warranty 90 days for 10lb & 15lb* 2 years for 25lb - 45lb SOLD IN PAIRS *We do not recommend dropping the 10 lb & 15 lb plates from higher than 36". Doing so alone on the bar can cause the inserts to be damaged and voids warranty.
Cast Iron Weight Plates from $28.99 $119.99
You gotta have weights to lift weights. These cast iron weights get the job done. Plain and simple. SOLD IN PAIRS Store with our Cast Iron Plate & Bar Storage!
GRIND Incline Bench $399.99
The GRIND Incline Bench is beefy - it's got a 3x3 steel base! Along with wheels to move it around the gym, it has 10 labeled incline adjustments and three seat adjustments with pull pins. This bench adjusts from flat to a 90 degree incline. Bench Weight: 88lb Weight Capacity: 1,000lb Incline Adjustments: 0, 7.5, 15, 22.5, 30, 37.5, 45, 52.5, 60, 67.5, 75, 82.5 Seat Adjustments: 0, 7.5, 15, 20 Backrest Pad: 37.5" x 12", 16", 11.5" x 2.5" Seat Pad: 14" x 11.5-6.5" (tapered) x 2.5" Dimensions: 54"x29.5"x18.5" Wheels and Handle
GRIND 3-Post Flat Bench $99.99
Introducing the newly designed GRIND 3-Post Flat Bench! The 21" rear foot gives this bench maximum stability, while the single post front foot allows you ample space to adjust your feet while you're benching. Topped with a grippy-top vinyl to keep you in place - this bench has well-thought out features at a sweet price point! Specifications: Foot Print: 44" long, 21" wide, 17" tall Pad Dimensions: 44" long, 12" wide, 2" tall Weight: 24lbs Grippy Pad Vinyl Rubber foot front post Weight Capacity: 610lbs
GRIND Men's Chrome Barbell $269.99
The GRIND Men's Bright Chrome Bar features dual Powerlifting, and Olympic knurling, that grips but doesn't gouge. No center knurling means that those high rep workouts won't kill your neck and the sleeves are a bushing/snap ring design built to handle the grind.  Match with our Plates & Collars! PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Bar Weight: 20kg/45lb Length: 86" Loadable Sleeve Length: 16 1/4" Bar Diameter: 28 mm Tensile Strength: 200k PSI Weight Capacity: 1500lb Knurling Style: Medium  Center Knurling: No Knurl Marks: Olympic & Power Bushing/Bearing: Bronze Bushings
Rubber Hex Dumbbells from $20.00
Six-sided and rubber coated, GRIND Rubber Hex Dumbbells will have low impact on your floor and won't roll around once you set them down. These have a slightly arched and knurled handle for a great grip during exercises. A must have for every gym!  SOLD IN PAIRS
GRIND Adjustable Dumbbell $169.99
A full weight set with just one dumbbell! The GRIND Adjustable Dumbbell has 16 adjustments from 5lb/2.3kg to 45lb/20kg. Twist the handle when on the stand to easily change your weight selection. Specifications: Sold in Singles 16 Weight Adjustments 5lb - 45lb

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