Battle of the Squat Stands

Ready to build your home gym, but don't know where to start? GRIND offers two budget-friendly squat stands. Check out how this blog to learn more about the Alpha1000 and Alpha2000.

Battle of the Squat Stands

Have you been thinking about starting a home gym, but don’t want to spend a small fortune doing it? Lucky for you, GRIND offers a variety of home gym equipment that can fit well within your budget! Just because you are working with a limited amount of cash, doesn’t mean you should have to sacrifice quality of equipment.

Acquiring a squat stand or rack is the foundation to a home gym. GRIND offers two squat stands, the Alpha1000 and Alpha2000. Both under $300, a perfect budget solution! Ready to get started? Let’s break down the similarities and differences between these two squat stands to give you a better idea of what to purchase.

Battle of the Squat Stands

Alpha1000 vs Alpha2000 squat stand comparison

How are the Alpha1000 and Alpha2000 stands similar?

Sitting at 85'' tall, both stands have a textured pull-up bar to help keep a solid and slip-free grip during pull ups or hanging crunches. Need some storage on your squat stand? These two have two weight pegs on the base for storage and stability. The two stands include numbered uprights and barbell storage to keep your space looking sharp!

Adjusting spotter arms on Alpha1000

Both also include a pair of rubber coated J-Cups that have 1000 lb capacity for those heavy lifts. Some lifters like additional J-Cups on their rack to perform multiple lifts without having to adjust the one pair. If you’d like to add more J-Cups, GRIND offers those as add-ons!

J-Cups for squat stands

Breaking down the Alpha2000

Do these two stands look the same? Maybe. Do they have any differences? You bet! The 2000’s base sits at 49” deep, a couple inches larger than the 1000. What’s the benefit of a larger base? The larger the base, the more stable the rack will be. A larger base will have more stability, letting you lift heavy without fear of it tipping over. If you have some extra floor space, the 2000 will work great for you with its slightly larger footprint.

Pull-up on the Alpha2000 squat stand

Does the floor in your potential gym have some uneven spots? We’ve got you! Included on the 2000 are leveling feet on the back of the base. These feet can be adjusted separately to keep on track with how your floor is sitting, letting you worry less about the stand’s integrity, and more about hitting PR’s!

Alpha2000 Squat Stand

The Alpha2000 can handle all sorts of lifts. Both stands are rated for 1000 lbs, so load on the plates! The 2000 comes with easily adjustable spotter arms to keep you safe when doing exercises like bench press or squats by yourself.

Here are some reminders of the Alpha2000’s features:

  • Plate and barbell storage
  • Textured pull-up bar
  • Numbered uprights
  • Adjustable leveling feet
  • Includes one pair of J-Cups and spotter arms

Breaking down the Alpha1000

So what does the Alpha1000 offer? Even though it is our most low-cost stand, it has a lot of potential! The 1000 has the smallest footprint of all our racks, a perfect fit for someone working with limited space. The base sits at 45” deep, smaller than the 2000, but still giving you stability, especially with weight plates loaded on the pegs.

Alpha1000 squat stand

If you’re looking to add attachments to the stand, you’re in luck! You can add spotter arms, extra J-Cups, and additional barbell storage to this rack to make it more versatile. The 1000 is just as functional as any other rack, giving you the ability to safely perform squats, bench-press, pull-ups, and more!

Picking up barbell on Alpha1000

Here’s a look back at the Alpha1000 features:

  • Plate and barbell storage
  • Textured pull-up bar
  • Numbered uprights
  • Includes one pair of J-Cups
  • Numerous add-ons available

Ready to decide?!

The Alpha1000 and Alpha2000 both have a ton of potential for your future home gym. Not only can you stay under budget, but you don’t have to worry about confusing installation! Our stands can be assembled by one person, plus our website has a copy of each instruction book if you misplace yours. Not to mention our amazing customer service team that you’ll have access to! Reach ‘em by phone or email, and they’ll get back to you within 24 hours (within business hours).

So, which one is right for you? Evaluate your home gym area, consider the floor space you have to work with, and what features you need out of a stand. Ready to make a decision? That’s the beauty of a home gym, the choice is yours!

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